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EP3 | Value-based pricing for the win!

We’re super excited to have Janna Bastow on Churn.fm for this episode. Janna is the Founder and CEO at ProdPad, a product management software that helps product managers develop product strategy. Join us as she sha...

EP2 | Winning with customer success

Today our guest is Savvas Zortikis, the CEO & Founder of Viral Loops, a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch, and referral programs. Savvas reveals some of the ...

EP1 | Churn is the silent killer

Today we chatted with Brian Balfour, Founder and CEO at Reforge, previously VP of Growth at HubSpot. Tune in to hear what Brian learned by building, advising, and investing in over 40 different companies over the past 10...